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The Nue Co. Skin Filter Supplement

The Nue Co. Skin Filter Supplement

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Ingredients in Skin Filter are clinically proven to brighten, clear and tighten the skin.

The bioavailable formula decreases melanin production, reducing the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. Ingredients Zinc and Vitamin A address acne and occasional blemish concerns, while the key ingredient in the formula was found to reduce blemishes by up to 21%. Within 30 days, it was proven to brighten skin by 26% and improve elasticity by 9%.

Key features

• Clinically proven to brighten, clear and tighten the skin
• Free from fillers, bulking agents, flavorings, colorings and sweeteners
• Vegan
• Gluten Free

How to use

One capsule daily.


SkinAx2 (Proprietary blend of Grape Seed Extract, Melon Fruit Concentrate, Zinc Citrate, Ascorbic Acid), Amla Fruit Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Camu Camu Extract, Beta-Carotene (as Vitamin A)

Product details

• Contains 30 capsules

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