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  • Make-Up Masterclass

    Learn about your make-up and how best to apply it during a 1-to-1 guided Make-up Masterclass. Madeleine will answer all your make-up related questions, help you choose products and colours that suit your skin tone and preferences, and demonstrate skilful techniques. 

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  • 3D Skin Health Assessment

    The 3D Skin Health Assessment has been developed by Louise so you can achieve your best skin ever. It encompasses a holistic approach, considering science, nutrition and lifestyle, to formulate a bespoke treatment plan and help you take control of your own skin health.

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Making beauty better

Make-up artist and ex-model Madeleine White firmly believes that beauty and wellness is an essential form of self-care.

Since launching the award-winning JUNI brand in 2020, Madeleine has spent many hours helping others to navigate the complex world of beauty, and so JUNI & CO was born.

JUNI & CO's mission is to provide expertise and transparency to conscientious beauty lovers. Madeleine and the team are passionate about giving friendly and easy-to-understand guidance to help you get the best from your beauty and wellness products.

Discover the full range of JUNI lip products alongside a carefully curated selection of other beauty and wellness brands.

Carefully curating the best in beauty & wellness

Beauty isn't frivolous, it is a moment of self-care, a ritual passed down through generations. It allows you to showcase your personality, tell your story and enhance your authentic self. Wellness means connecting with yourself and others, it creates community. It is healing for both body and soul, and has the ability to improve your wellbeing. By caring for ourselves we can in turn be caring for our planet.

With love, Madeleine x

"The best lipstick ever"

JUNI's award-winnning Luxury Hydrating Lipsticks are infused with skincare ingredients like botanical hyaluronic acid, organic argan oil and vitamin e.

Experience intense hydration, full coverage and a satin finish.

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Plump, exfoliate, soothe

Rejuvenating Lip Treatment stimulates collagen production, plumps, gently dissolves dry, flaky skin and improves the hydration levels of the lips.

Made with a sophisticated blend of water-binding and skin-plumping active ingredients including amino acids, peptides and pineapple enzymes.

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