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Manucurist 3-Way Polisher

Manucurist 3-Way Polisher

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The buffer is a 3-sided block designed to smooth, polish and shine your nails for a natural, ultra-shiny result and flawless finish.

Key features

• Enhances and cares for your nails
• Smooths and evens out the nail surface
• Makes nails shine
• Helps polish last longer

How to use

Step 1 - Smooth:
Move the pink side back and forth over the nail plate, from outside to inside.

Step 2 - Polish:
Repeat step 1 with the white side.

Step 3 - Shine:
Finish by making circular movements all over the nail plate with the grey side. For an even shinier, longer-lasting result, use the nail priming emery board before the 3-way buffer.



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