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Abel Room Spray Scene 03

Abel Room Spray Scene 03

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The height of quiet luxury. Scene 03 transports you into a world of plush refinement. Notes of leather, tonka and vanilla creating the ultimate indulgence.

Notes: Leather, Tonka, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Key features

• 100% natural
• Ethically sourced
• Vegan

How to use

Spritz throughout the home.


Vanilla Extract Bourbon 10X, Vanillin Renewable, Tolu Balsam Blend (105906) 50 % Tecn, Coumarin Natural (C:A1914N), Cedarwood Oil Chin., Patchouli Oil Decol. Md, Gurjun Balsam Oil, Amyris Oil, Sandalwood Drèches, Styrax Oil Pyrogene 10% Tecn, Cade Oil Rect. 1% Tecn, Olibanum Oil Pyrogenee 1% Tecn, Cistus Labdanum Abs. Sis, Triethyl Citrate Natural

Product details

• Contains 100ml of product

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