Our favourite products to help encourage hair growth

Written by: Madeleine White

We understand that hair breakage, loss and thinning can be deeply upsetting. Whether your confidence is suffering or you simply want to look your best, hair plays a big part in how we feel about ourselves.


At JUNI & CO, we approach beauty and wellness holistically. Reducing hair breakage and loss, and stimulating new growth requires an inside-out approach; focussing on nutrition, supplements and great products.


Discover our range of clinically-proven products below.

Woman massaging shampoo into her scalp
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Why do we experience hair loss?


There are many reasons why you may experience hair loss. From ageing, stress and hormonal changes to nutritional deficiencies and underlying health conditions, hair loss can be a sign that something just isn't quite right. Even changing seasons can have an effect.


Of course a healthy diet and lifestyle plays a huge part. We'd always recommend seeing your GP or booking a consultation with our resident nutritional therapist.


But what about the products you're using? We've curated some truly brilliant hair loss products to help you achieve real results.

Growth Phase is a drug-free formula clinically proven to increase hair growth and density in 12 weeks. A full spectrum supplement designed to support nutrition deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations and stress to reveal thicker, stronger hair full of body.


The formula contains a clinically studied complex containing growth factor proteins and peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid and GAGs (vital polysaccharides) scientifically proven to increase hair growth and decrease breakage. It also delivers essential minerals, adaptogens and micronutrients and vitamins (including Biotin and B12) for a 360 holistic approach to hair health from within.


In a clinical study, GROWTH PHASE was proven to:

  • Reduce Hair Shedding by 87%

  • Reduce Hair Breakage by 90%

  • Improve Hair Growth by 40%

For hair that is thinning or regularly sheds, Supa Thick is a topical scalp supplement designed to reduce hair shedding, building thicker hair with more body.


This serum-based formula supports the health of the scalp, aiding circulation, rebalancing the scalp microbiome, removing product build up and protecting follicles. The lightweight formula leaves roots feeling refreshed and the scalp feeling calm and nourished, improving overall hair quality as a result.


Supa Thick is clinically proven to reduce shedding and strengthen hair. In 12 weeks,

  • 90% had stronger and thicker hair

  • 90% saw a reduction in hair breakage

  • 80% said their scalp felt healthier

Supa Thick Shampoo is a gently foaming, low pH shampoo designed to support hair growth and density. Free from silicones, parabens, SLS and artificial fragrance, it deeply cleanses hair and scalp to remove build up while reducing shedding, strengthening strands and rebalancing the scalp microbiome. The result: all-round healthy hair from root to tip.

Supa Thick Conditioner is a lightweight, hydrating conditioner that repairs and strengthens each individual strand to reduce breakage and shedding. Free from silicones, parabens and artificial fragrance, it moisturizes hair and scalp without disrupting the topical microbiome, creating the ideal foundation for hair growth. No residue or product build up, just clean, healthy hair.

A lightweight, uplifting mist that adds volume and softness in one. Protect hair from harsh tap water chemicals, support scalp health and boost hair vitality.

Formulated with rice water which is rich in amino acids and Vitamin B8, essential for hair growth. Peptides reverts hair colour by inducing melanogenesis in the follicle, while ginger promotes micro circulation to promote hair growth.

Boost the thickness of your lashes and brows and enhance the eye area with this powerful, clinically-proven serum. 

Featuring Alpine Edelweiss, a powerful and efficacious ingredient found in abundance in Austria, and a skin-friendly peptide, this advanced yet gentle formula enhances the overall density of lash and brow hair, while the conditioning properties of mallow leaf water helps to nourish each hair follicle, encouraging a fuller, healthier look. A fine-tipped applicator ensures easy targeting of the hairs.